Cap and Trade Rules
Global CO2 Cap & Trade Forum

The Fairmont San Jose

The third in the series and the second on the US West
Coast, the 2009 Global CO2 Cap and Trade Forum is the premier event
covering CO2 mitigation and emissions markets, policy, regulatory
issues and practical solutions.

Join your peers and international experts to share observations and
discuss critical business issues impacting greenhouse gas reduction
initiatives, markets and policies.

In the past this event attracted key decision makers, strategists,
and policy makers from business, government and non-governmental
organizations creating a unique networking opportunity.

Join us in California, a state leading the way in the reduction of
CO2 emissions, for keynotes, case studies, panels, and presentations
addressing the changing landscape of CO2 emission trading,
regulations, and best environmental practices for the success of
your business, the well-being of your community and the good of your
world and generations to come.

Hear about:

-Quantifying the real costs of continued unfettered CO2 emissions
-California’s groundbreaking AB32 legislation and what it means for
emitters and the economy

-International standards and the linking of global CO2 cap and trade markets

-CO2 emissions regulatory mandates and the resulting challenges and opportunities

-Developing a NAFTA carbon market

-Building on the Western Climate Initiative

-Critical tools for reducing GHG emissions in the U.S. electricity sector

-Midwest Governor’s Accord – an effort to establish a cap and trade system

-Top ten lessons from and for the U.S. voluntary carbon market

-How can private enterprises facilitate and benefit from cap and
trade systems

-Will a weakening economy delay carbon market development?

-Will drivers for voluntary purchases change?

-Can green products and services help companies weather rough
economic times?


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Clean Technology, Renewable Energy Resources and Energy Independence