Cap and Trade Rules

2009 Oregon Legislative Priorities - RePower Oregon 2009

A Call for Action - US Climate Action Partnership

A Cap And Trade Calamity -

A Cap and Trade System to Address Global Climate Change

A Cap and Trae System to Address Global Cljmate Change

American Clean energy and Security Act of 2009 - Draft Summary

American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 - Draft

American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 - Section-by-Section - Draft Summary

An Evaluation of Cap and Trade Programs - GBO -2001

Analysis - Western Climate Initiative - Western Business Roundtable

Analysis Shows How Cap-and-trade Plans Can Cut Greenhouse Emissions

Assessments of US Cap and Trade Proposals

Barbara Boxer Promises Cap-and-Trade Bill

BC Introduces Cap-and-Trade Legislation to Complement Carbon Tax

Beware of Cap and Trade Climate Bills

Big Corporations Urge Quick Carbon Cap-and-Trade Law

Bingaman - Dominici Letter - Energy Bill - USCAP

Bipartisan Group Introduces Climate Change Bill as Talks Stall Between Obama, Dems

Blue Green Alliance - Good Jobs, Clean Environment, Green Economy

Blueprint for Legislative Action - USCAP

Boxer Says Senate Will ‘Follow the Science’ on Global Warming Legislation

Boxer Unveils Climate 'Principles' for Future Legislation

Brother, Can You Spare a Carbon Credit -

Business Coalition Cap-And-Trade Program Needs Strengthening, Science Group Says

Cap & Trade vs. Tax

Cap 2.0 - Investing in America

Cap and Horse Trade - Obama’s Uphill Battle for Climate Bill

Cap and Trade - US EPA

Cap and Trade - Essentials

Cap and Trade 101 - A Climate Policy Primer

Cap and Trade 101 - A Climate Policy Primer

Cap and Trade 101 - II

Cap and Trade 101 - Primer - Summary

Cap and Trade 101

Cap and Trade 101

Cap And Trade Better Than A Carbon Tax

Cap and Trade Carbon Program Could Prolong Recession

Cap and Trade Emissions Bill Passes Out of House Committee

Cap and Trade Essentials

Cap and Trade in 2009 - Sightline Webinar — Audio and Video

Cap and Trade in 2009 - Sightline Webinar — Audio and Video

Cap and Trade Legislation - Will California's AB32 Go National -

Cap and Trade Legislation - Will California's AB32 Go National?

Cap and Trade Legislation and What It Could Mean for the Data Center

Cap&TradeChart.pdEconomy Wide Cap and Trade Proposals in the 110 Congress

Cap-and-Trade in Context

Cap-and-Trade Rules

Cap-and-Trade Shuts Down U.S. Coal Plants

Cap-Trade on Carbon May Push Up Costs

Carbon Cap And Trade - A Looming Battle Among States

Carbon Capping Would Have Tough Time Passing Senate, Expert Says

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Booming, Shifting East, Researchers Report

Carbon Emissions Calculations

Carbon Tax vs Cap-and-Trade - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Carbon Tax vs. Cap and Trade

Carbon Taxes vs. Cap-and-Trade

Chamber Under Fire on Warming

Climate Bill Needed to 'Save Our Planet,' Says Obama

Climate Change Is A Trade Issue, Too

Climate Change Legislation - BlueGreen Alliance - 2009

Climate Plan May Not Tackle Free Credits, Waxman Says

Climate Pollution Cash Shaping Fate Of Waxman-Markey Clean Energy Legislation

Common Language for Carbon in Sight - Leading Rating Tool Providers to Sign MOU - 2009

Congress to Vote on 'Cap-And-Trade' Legislation by Summer

Congressman Predicts Cap on Greenhouse Gases Will Be Law by Year's End

Democrats Pen Principles for Climate-Change Bills

Democrats Set December Deadline for Cap on US Emissions

Draft of New Clean Energy Legislation - 2009

Economics and Regional Cap-and-Trade

Economy Wide Cap and Trade Proposals in 110th Congress

Economy Wide Cap and Trade Proposals in the 110 Congress

Emissions Trading - Wikipedia

Emissions Trading - Wikipedia

Energy Market and Economic Impacts of S. 2191

Energy Reform Limps Ahead

Entergy's CEO J. Wayne Leonard Talks About the Carbon Cap Dilemma

ExxonMobil CEO Urges CO2 Tax, Not Cap-And-Trade Law

Getting Real on Wind and Solar


Global CO2 Cap & Trade Forum

HB 1819 - 2009-10 - Washington State Legislature

Henry Waxman May Fast Track Climate Bill

House Committee Releases Draft Cap and Trade Legislation

House Dems Narrow Energy, Climate Bill Differences

House Energy Leaders Unveil Green Economy Legislation

House Panel Advances Global Warming Bill

How Carbon Trading Works

How the Budget Resolution Affects Cap-and-Trade Legislation

Industries Push for Free Pollution Credits

Interactive Map - States Benefit from Cap-and-Trade Auction Revenues

Investing in a Green Economy

Investing in a Green Economy

Is Cap-and-Trade Inherently Protectionist -

Is Cap-and-Trade Inherently Protectionist?

Kerry - US Will Have Cap & Trade by End of the Year

King Coal

Kyoto Protocol Carbon Trading - The Basics

Labor Unions, Environmental Organizations Urge Passage of Climate Change Legislation in 2009

Lawmakers Take on Obama Tax Hike on Energy Producers

Lieberman - Warner Bill - S. 2191 - Image

Lieberman - Warner Bill - S. 2191. – Image

Lobbyists Help Dems Draft Climate Change Bill

Looming Disaster - The Lieberman-Warner Cap-and-Trade Climate Control Bill

No Breakthrough for House Democrats on Climate BillBy

No, Climate Legislation's Not Dead

Obama and Biden Press House Democrats for Quick Action on Climate Bill

Obama Asks For Cap And Trade Legislation

Obama Budget Indicates Cap-and-Trade Confidence

Obama Calls for Cap-and-Trade Program

Obama Counting on Cap-and-Trade

Obama Makes Bold Climate Bill Prediction - 'We'll Get It Done'

Obama Moves Forward with Plans to Cut Emissions

Obama Plan Has $79 Billion From Cap-and-Trade in 2012

Obama to Announce Cap and Trade Policy This Week

Obama Told to Keep Climate Change Out of Budget Bill

Obama Wants Mandatory Cap and Trade System

Obama's $646 Billion Cap-And-Trade Green Tax

Obama's Budget - Almost $1 Trillion in New Taxes Over Next 10 yrs, Starting 2011

Obama’s Greenhouse Gas Gamble

Potential Costs to America From Cap-and-Trade

President Obama’s Roadmap to Cap-and-Trade - Part I

President Obama’s Roadmap to Cap-and-Trade - Part II

President Obama’s Roadmap to Cap-and-Trade - Part III

President Obama’s Roadmap to Cap-and-Trade - Part IV

President Talks Climate Change, 'Cash for Clunkers,' with House Democrats

Restoring the Balance - Council on Foreign Relations

Rising U.S. Trade May Hinder Future Global Efforts To Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

S. 2191 - 110th Congress - 2d Session - 2007

S. 2191 - Lieberman - Warner Climate Security Act of 2007 - Co-sponsors

Seeking Influence - Number of Climate Change Lobbyists Tripled in Five Years

Selling The Green Economy

Senate Is Corrupted By Carbon Pollution Cash

Seventeen Players Who Could Make or Break Cap and Trade

State Should Be at Forefront of Green Economy

Tech Ttitans Energized by Obama's Forecast

Tension on the Ocean Liner

The Cap and Trade Success Story - Environmental Defense Fund

The Cleantech Summit 2009 - Overview

The Debate over Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade - Council on Foreign Relations

The Debate over Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade - Council on Foreign Relations

The House Must Act Now on Cap-and-Trade Legislation

The Lieberman-Warner Cap and Trade Bill - Quick Summary and Analysis

The Tremendous Economic Impact of Cap and Trade Legislation

The Wonderful Politics of Cap-and-Trade - A Closer Look at Waxman-Markey

Tools of the Trade - A Guide to Desinging and Operating a Cap and Trade Program - 2003

Trade Imbalance Shifts US Carbon Emissions To China, Boosts Global Total

Trajectory of US Federal Cap and Trade Legislation Under the Obama Administration

U.S. Gives Cap and Trade Boost for Climate Treaty

U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Still Increasing

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change - Official Site

United States Climate Action Partnership - FAQs

US Lawmakers Defend Cap-and-Trade Plan

US Legislators to Move on Cap-and-Trade Before June

US Urged to Lead China into Carbon Emission Cuts

USCAP Leaders Push for Market-Based Cap-and-Trade Plan to Spur Economy

We're Working Out the Issues,' House Dems Say after Obama Climate Meeting

Western Climate Initiative

Western Climate Plan Could Prolong Recession

What Carbon Regulation Means for Energy Investors

White House Focusing on Cap-and-Trade Strategy, EPA Chief Says

Why Cap and Invest Is Better Than a Carbon Tax

Why Cap and Trade Makes Sense

Why the Climate Bill Failed

Without Delay - Congress to Fast-Track Climate Legislation


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