Carbon Calculators

American Forests Resources - Climate Change Calculator

American Forests – Climate Change Calculator

AOL – Research and Learn – Personal Impact Calculator

Australian Conservation Foundation – GreenHome – Eco-Calculator

Bonneville Environmental Foundation – Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Business and Organization Carbon Calculator

Business and Organization Carbon Calculator

Business Carbon Calculator - The Carbon Neutral Company

Calculate Your Impact - AOL Research & Learn

Carbon Calculator - BeGreenNow

Carbon Calculators - CarbonFund.org

Carbon Calculators - The Carbon Neutral Company

Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon Counter - CarbonCounter.org

Carbon Footprint - Calculator

Carbon Footprint Calculator - Carbon Solutions Group

Carbon Footprint Calculator – Applied Sustainability Center


CarbonMe – Individual and Business Calculators

CarbonOffsetList.org - Environmental Defense Fund

Chuck Wright Consulting - Atmospheric Carbon – What’s Your Share?


Clear Carbon Consulting

Clear Water – The Clearwater Carbon Calculator – Excel Based Program

Common Language for Carbon in Sight - Leading Rating Tool Providers to Sign MOU - 2009

Conservation International Carbon Calculator

Cool Climate Carbon Footprint Calculator

EarthLab.com - Carbon Footprint, Go Green


Electric Power Pollution Calculator - Infinite Power

Energy Conservation Calculators - Warmair

Energy Design Resources

Environmental Impact Calculator - Low Impact Living

European Commission – Carbon Calculator

EvALUator - Energy Design Resources

Footprint Calculator - Global Footprint Network

Footprint Calculator - World Wildlife Federation

Four Cs of Climate Action - Environmental Defense Fund

Global Footprint Network

Green Building Studio – Energy Design Resources

GreenSave Calculator

Home Energy Saver - Calculator

How Offsets Fit in a Comprehensive Climate Plan - Environmental Defense Fund

Individual - Household Emissions Calculator - U.S. EPA

InfinitePower – Energy Calculators and Software

Interactive Energy Calculators - Infinite Power

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Carbon Emissions Calculator:

LiveNeutral - Calculate Your Carbon Emissions

LiveNeutral – Calculate Your CO2 Footprint

LiveNeutral – DriveNeutral CO2 Calculator

LiveNeutral – FlyNeutral CO2 Calculator

LiveNeutral – HomeNeutral CO2 Calculator

Logicalis - Carbon Footprint Calculator

Low Impact Living – Environmental Impact Calculator

National Energy Foundation – Simple Carbon Calculator

PV Watts – A Performance Calculator for Grid-Connected PV Systems

Sustainable Travel International – Personal Carbon Footprint

The Berkeley Institute of the Environment – Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory - Cool Climate Carbon Footprint Calculator

The Carbon Footprint of Carbon Footprint Calculators - TreeHugger

The Carbon Neutral Company – Business Carbon Calculator

The Carbon Neutral Company

The Nature Conservancy - Carbon Footprint Calculator

The Nature Conservancy - Carbon Offset Program

The Nature Conservancy – Carbon Footprint Calculator

The UK Carbon Footprint Project - Google

The UK Carbon Footprint Project – Google

The World Resources Institute/World Business Council for Sustainable Development Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Top 5 Carbon Footprint Calculators

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency – Household Emission Calculator

Warmair – Energy Conservation Calculators

What Are Carbon Offsets - Environmental Defense Fund

What's My Climate Impact - Yahoo! Green

Yahoo Green – Calculate Your Carbon Footprint


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