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Climate Change: What You Can Do: The Nature Conservancy's Voluntary Carbon Offset Program

Climate Change: What You Can Do:The Nature Conservancy's Voluntary Carbon Offset Program


Reduce Your Impact

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You can measure your carbon footprint with our online calculator and offset your emissions to reduce your impact on climate change.

You can help reduce the impacts of climate change and restore critical wildlife habitat by participating in The Nature Conservancy’s voluntary carbon offset program. The first project in the program is the Tensas River Basin Project. The program will expand to other projects as demand increases.

Climate change and forest experts designed and implemented this program which will produce measurable reductions in greenhouse gases and meet or exceed the highest standards available today for voluntary carbon markets.

Comparing Regualtory and Voluntary Carbon Markets

Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Measure your carbon footprint now, take steps to reduce your emissions, and consider offsetting all or a portion of the emissions you can not reduce.You can even contribute on a monthly basis. As trees grow and sequester carbon, it will take up to 70 years to realize a current offset.

The Nature Conservancy Carbon Offset Program


Tensas River Basin Project

Read about this project that restores an ecosystem and helps mitigate climate change.

Climate Change Graph

What’s Your Impact?

Use our carbon calculator to measure your carbon footprint and see what you can do to lessen your impact.

what to look for

What to Look for in a Carbon Offset Program

Confused about offsets? Read our tips on what goes into a meaningful offset program.

photo gallery

Scenes from the Valley

See stunning photos of this important landscape -- and the wildlife that call it home.
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Higher Standards

Meeting High Standards 

See how our voluntary carbon offset program is designed to meet the highest standards.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Have more questions about our voluntary offset program or offsets in general? Read our FAQs.

Comparing Regualtory and Voluntary Carbon Markets

Voluntary and Compliance Approaches 

See how voluntary carbon offsets compare to compliance offsets.  


Nature picture credits (top to bottom, left to right): Photo © Byron Jorjorian (cypress tress); Photo © Byron Jorjorian (egrets); Byron Jorjorian (cypress tress) ; Graph © The Nature Conservancy; Byron Jorjorian (Flower);Photo © Byron Jorjorian (tree frog); Photo © Byron Jorjorian (scientists measuring trees);Photo ©  Byron Jorjorian (lillypads); Photo © Byron Jorjorian (bird) .