Clear Carbon Consulting Inc. is the first full-service carbon consulting firm dedicated to creating competitive advantage for companies through measuring, mitigating, and managing their greenhouse gas footprints. Our track record of delivering projects with a strong return on investment serves as evidence of our dedication to implementing practical and valuable solutions.

Our team of carbon measurement experts specialize in producing comprehensive, accurate and actionable corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories, product and supply chain carbon analyses, and event footprints. Our carbon assessments help our clients find opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce their environmental impacts, while lowering risk and cost.   more

Our carbon management approach is practical, cost-effective and has a substantial return on investment. Our offerings include developing corporate reduction strategies, recommending reduction targets, comparing reduction scenarios, designing metrics to measure progress and advising clients on the purchase of green power, carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates.   more

Our project analysis model measures the financial, energy and carbon impacts of all mitigation opportunities. We can evaluate any carbon mitigation program in common terms such as simple payback, return on investment, carbon avoidance or marginal cost of carbon abatement. We help our clients confidently prioritize and invest in initiatives that are best-suited for their corporate goals,                                        bottom line and long term success.   more
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April 2009
Clear Carbon Consulting sponsors the
Newton-Marasco 2009 Greater Washington Eco Golf Classic on April 24 at Stonewall Golf Club in Gainesville, VA
Kyle Tanger selected as a semi-final judge for the
Walmart Better Living Business Plan Challenge on Thursday, April 16, 2009, in Bentonville, Arkansas. He previously judged the competition’s quarter-final competition at Howard University.

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