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ELCD database v 1.0.1

The ELCD database comprises Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data from front-running EU-level business associations (see and other sources for key materials, energy carriers, transport, and waste management. Focus on data quality, consistency, and applicability. The respective data sets are officially provided and approved by the named industry association.

The data sets are accessible free of charge and without access or use restrictions for all LCA practitioners. The ELCD includes data sets that have not been published beforehand and data sets that were only collected for this purpose. The data sets of the ELCD database will contribute key European data to the upcoming international ILCD Data Network, building upon the ILCD Handbook that defines the method, quality, nomenclature, review and documentation requirements for consistent and quality-assured LCI data.

The development, documentation and publication of the ELCD data sets are supported by the related data set format, that also serves as common data exchange format. An IT developer package can also be downloaded.

A data set Editor that allows the documentation and editing of ELCD data sets is now accessible at The release notes are accessible at and the editor documentation at The Editor is a Java application that works via web-start in your internet browser; it requires that you have installed Java runtime 1.5.

The following two pdf documents provide the first version of the ILCD "Nomenclature and other conventions" (plus annex on related methodological conventions) in support of LCI data sets and the naming of elementary flows and underlying information. It is further developed based on the first version developed 2005-2007 under the ELCD and considers stakeholder feedback and input received during the early stakeholder workshop of May 2007 and subsequent discussions:

Data access:

This section allows to view and to download the high quality Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) core data sets of this first version of the Commission's "European Reference Life Cycle Data System" (ELCD), v 1.0.1. They have been compiled in context of a service contract on behalf of DG Environment and in technical and scientific support by JRC-IES from 2004 to 2006.

In order to view the LCI data sets, please either choose from the "Data sets (by category)" submenu, which you may find to the left, or use the search form.

[Please note, that the main purpose of the ELCD database is the integration into LCA tools and databases and that hence the possibilities to "work" with this system with your web-browser and on your harddisk is necessarily limited.]

You may download the ELCD database as a complete package; see more below. The option to download only single data sets will be implemented at a later moment of time.

You may use all these data sets free of charge in your work and also distribute them to third parties. For more details please refer to the copyright and license conditions, which will be provided when downloading the data sets and which can equally be accessed directly from here. We also encourage you to develop own ILCD-compliant data sets, based on the ELCD data or developed independently, and to make them available to third parties as part of the upcoming, non-centralised ILCD Data Network of consistent LCI data sets.

Import/export interfaces to mayor LCA tools for data sets of the ILCD Data Network and in the ILCD format are expected to be available from early 2009 onwards; so far the developers of the tools and databases BRE EnvPro DB, CMLCA, EDIP, EIME, eVerdEE, DIM, GaBi, KCL-ECO, LCA Evaluator, LEGEP, MIPS, Sabento, SimaPro, Sirii/SPINE, TEAM/DEAM, trainEE, and UMBERTO have committed to make a full import and expert interface free of cost available to their customers soon. Please contact your tool developer if your tool is not in the above list. If you are a developer of LCA databases or tools, please feel invited to contact us and also refer to the menu entry "Developer support".

Updates and extensions:

The scope of the ELCD database is presently extended from 115 LCI data sets to about 350; its availability will be announced here.

In future this section will also provide access to recommended global default Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) factors. In addition the LCIA factors of the most well known LCIA methods CML-IA, Eco-indicator 99, EDIP97 and EDIP2003, EPS, EQO, Impact 2002+, LUCAS, and ReCiPe are expected to be made available for the upcoming ILCD reference elementary flow list. This is possible due to the commitment of the developers of these LCIA methods who will provide them and make them freely available.

Disclaimer: Please note that so far only internally reviewed and only partly harmonised LCI data sets are provided in this first version of the ELCD core database. All data sets are carefully selected, of high quality and in line with ISO 14040 and 14044, but are not to be considered as official reference data sets. The data sets are provided "as they are". A further methodological harmonisation and independent review are foreseen as soon as the recommended methods and the review process will have been internationally agreed as part of the International Reference Life Cycle Data System ILCD (foreseen to be available in early 2009); this will be announced here. Please also refer to the "Important legal notice" on top of this page.

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