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Climate change and global warming - The Nature Conservancy

Donate now to help stop climate change and global warming

Climate change and global warming


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What's New

US CAP Releases Blueprint for Climate Legislation
The US Climate Action Partnership has released a comprehensive legislative blueprint for tackling climate change legislation. 

Green Infrastructure, Restoration Will Stimulate Job Growth
The Conservancy has presented a comprehensive proposal to lawmakers on green job growth.

The 14th Conference of the Parties on Climate Change
The Conservancy attended these talks in December in Poland to urge participants to hammer out a draft for the next major international agreement on climate change.

Conservancy Key at California Climate Summit
An historic summit convened in California to advance national and worldwide efforts to fight climate change — and The Nature Conservancy played a key role in the summit's success.

Climate change and global warming: See a climate change data graph

See a data graph showing levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

We Want to Hear from You

Tell us what you think about our climate change work. What do you think are the biggest impacts of climate change?

Climate change is already affecting our lives and the places we live, and has the potential to dramatically impact the lives of future generations.

The Nature Conservancy is joining with policy makers, community members, businesses, scientists, industry leaders and others to slow the pace of climate change. We work to reduce the accumulation of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere and help natural areas adjust to the impacts of climate change.

If we don’t act now, we will leave a much larger problem to our children. The good news is that, if we all join in to stop climate change, we can reduce its impact on our lives, on our environment and on future generations.

What You Can Do To Help

You can make a difference! There are many simple things that you can do today to help stop climate change:

What The Nature Conservancy is Doing

The Nature Conservancy is addressing climate change by:

What is Climate Change? How Does It Differ from Global Warming?

Climate change is caused by the emission of heat-trapping gases – mostly carbon dioxide (CO2) – from vehicles, industry, power plants and deforestation. As these gases build up, they act like a thick blanket, overheating the planet, changing our climate, and threatening our health, economy and natural environment.

The terms global warming and climate change are often used interchangeably, but the two phenomena are different. Global warming is the rise in global temperatures due to an increase of heat-trapping carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Climate change, on the other hand, is a more general term that refers to changes in many climatic factors (such as temperature and precipitation) around the world. These changes are happening at different rates and in different ways.

For example, the United States has become wetter over the 20th century, while the Sahel region of central Africa has become drier.

Donate now to help stop climate change and global warming

Climate change picture credits (top to bottom, left to right): Photo © Corbis 2002 (melting ice); Photo © Mark Godfrey/TNC (smokestack); Graph © Patrick Gonzalez/TNC (atmospheric data); Photo © Mark Godfrey/TNC (deforestation).