Clean Tech Economy
Report Picks Potential Clean-tech Winners for Northwest

The Oregonian
October 07, 2008

A new study on the clean-tech industry in the Northwest pinpoints five sectors
that could flourish in the region, given the proper mix of incentives and policies.

"This report is a case study for how the Pacific Northwest region can seize a
leadership role in the clean-tech economy," said Ron Pernick, co-founder and
managing director of Clean Edge, a research and publishing firm.

Clean Edge and Climate Solutions, a nonprofit that seeks solutions to global
warming, co-authored the report, Carbon-Free Prosperity 2025.

The promising types of companies and their job-growth projections by 2025 are:
Solar photovoltaic manufacturing, with 22,560 new jobs.

Green building design services, with 16,834 new jobs

Bioenergy, with 10,419 jobs

Smart-grid technologies, with 7,000 jobs

Wind power development, with 6,000 jobs.

--Gail Kinsey Hill; gailhill@news.oregonian.com


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