Clean Tech Investments
The Rise in Clean Tech Venture Capital Investment

By Rama Krishna

The accelerated rate at which CO2 levels are going up, combined with the
Gas-gurgling technologies which we are addicted to at the moment, is
having a considerable impact on the ecological balance of the planet and
it is up to man, to find newer technologies that have a less severe impact on it.

Clean tech may still be in its infancy, but it certainly is growing.
Market researchers who speculated on the viability of cleantech are now
welcoming it with open arms. It is predicted that revenues in eco-friendly
technologies like biofuel, wind and solar energy will top $250 billion in
the coming decade. With more and more venture capitalists looking to pump
in their money to cleantech, the potential in the market is immeasurable.
In fact the day is not far when market size for cleantech will be measured
in trillions of dollars.

The rise in investments

Until now, very few venture capitalists dared to venture into cleantech.
But the last couple of years have marked a refreshing change that will
last for a couple of decades at least. Though it does not equal the dotcom
investment frenzy of the earlier decade, it certainly looks promising.
Cleantech venture capital investments are pretty much like electronics was
when the Silicon Valley was still in a nascent stage. Industry experts
feel that cleantech has pretty much the same potential to virtually
transform our world the way semiconductors did.

Why recession doesn't bother cleantech investors

The global financial meltdown has caused panic across all sectors.
Everyone is apprehensive about how the new world might be and that
cleantech might just take a back seat in efforts to rebuild the economy.
But this is far from true. Many mainstream US companies and VC's are
accepting cleantech even amidst this financial turmoil. Despite the
extreme volatility and risks that cleantech investments have been marred
with, smart investors do not shy away from cleantech venture capital


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