duoc-logo-rgb-whitebackgrou-200px.gif What is the Green MBA?

Dominican University of California's Green MBA program is an accredited, on site graduate program in the San Francisco Bay Area. Graduates receive a Master of Business Administration degree in Sustainable Enterprise. Students have a choice of two-year full-time and three-year part-time structures.

In the Green MBA, we seek solutions that promote financial viability, ecological sustainability, and social justice. We use a dynamic, project-oriented learning approach to integrate the development of entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills with the building of critical thinking and leadership capacities.

To encourage this transformation in our students’ capabilities, we have built a close-knit community of teachers and learners woven into a supportive network of business, academic and activist leaders.


Dominican University of California’s MBA in Sustainable Enterprise is an engaging learning community where people with strong environmental and social values develop effective leadership capacities to advance economically successful, ecologically restorative, and socially just initiatives in any type of organization.


We are a collaborative and engaging community for those who believe that responsible enterprises must provide effective solutions to our pressing environmental and social problems.  Community events for students, alumni, faculty, and guests promote cross-pollination of ideas and the ability to expand collaborative personal and organizational networks, optimizing success in implementing new initiatives and models for enterprise.  Creative, in depth student engagement allows opportunities for self-organizing.  We cultivate a sense of place and belonging, and our network extends beyond the progressive social fabric of northern California to global partners and a broad array of organizations and individuals who share our common purpose.

View our Community section to learn more about our faculty, alumni, students and guest lecturers.

Skills/ Acumen

We integrate the stewardship of financial, human, and natural capital – beyond the triple bottom line - into a world class MBA curriculum.  Students learn how to 1) apply practical skills 2) make better decisions using rigorous critical thinking methods 3) communicate and lead effectively 4) collaborate with others in designing and implementing successful initiatives 5) face challenges inherent in turbulent issues 6) and master methods and tools to analyze systemic factors.

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We take the message in our tagline: “Transform Yourself. Transform Business. Transform The World”, to heart. We have a cultural and academic venue in which people are encouraged to explore their beliefs, purpose, passion, and the way they think from the inside out, and then translate this to meaningful and applied opportunities for growth.  Small classes, opportunities to share openly, faculty-mentors, and collaborative project-oriented learning create a supportive, challenging environment for this transformational process.

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