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The online GreenSpec® Directory lists product descriptions for over 2,000 environmentally preferable products. To choose these products our editors conduct their own research based on GreenSpec's current editorial focus. Thus not all product suggestions we receive are selected for review. This independent research ensures that our product descriptions contain unbiased, quality information. Unlike many other directories, we do not charge for listings or sell ads.

For more information or to purchase any of the products listed, please contact the manufacturer directly.

Featured Products

Natura Interior Waterborne Paint

Natura Interior Waterborne Paint When most paints claim to be zero-VOC, they aren't including the colorants - which can contain as much as 150 grams of VOC per liter. Benjamin Moore Natura's colorants have no VOCs. Read more...

PermaFLOW P-Trap

PermaFLOW P-Trap The PermaFLOW lavatory P-trap's built-in mechanism can be manually rotated to wipe away build-up; even sitting still, the cleaning paddle creates turbulence in the draining water that helps prevent deposits. Read more...

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