Electric Vehicles
Electric Car Dealers Exceed Expectations

By Kent Bernhard, Jr.
National Green News
April 18, 2008

Business is better than expected for the handful of San Francisco Bay area
entrepreneurs who have jumped into the business of selling electric cars.

Todd Madeiros, co-owner of Green Rides Inc., tells the Silicon Valley/San Jose
Business Journal that his company has sold almost 60 electric vehicles, from
$2,000 scooters to $45,000 Porsche replicas, since opening in June. "You don't
have to have a big, boxy Prius to have an electric car," Madeiros says.
"Consumers are starting to realize there are a number of options."

In Berkeley, the business journal reports, Green Motors has sold 24 electric
ZENN cars since October, double the number owner Marc Korchin expected.

The sales come at the same time the auto business overall is in a slump. Sales
of new vehicles in Santa Clara County, Calif. are projected to drop 2.4 percent
in 2008. But for electric vehicles, none of which are available in significant
numbers, the early signs are promising.


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