Electric Vehicles
Electric Vehicles: To Drive or Not to Drive?

By Eric J. Leech
Planet Green
June 7, 2008

Many of us here know of the benefits of driving an electric vehicle, but for
every one of us green folk, there is a gray skeptic that can name just as many
reasons not to drive one, as there is to drive one. Thanks to new and improved
technology, we are today able to compare the future of electric vehicles with
gasoline and find very little inconvenience in comparison.

Engine technology is a hot topic these days, and alternative fuel sources have
been a subject that most consumers are a bit unsure about. One major concern
consumers have is the ability to recycle hybrid batteries once they are spent,
the extra cost that goes along with replacement batteries, and of course the
initial purchase price for an electric vehicle (Most electric vehicles go for
over $5,000 the price of a comparable gasoline model.

Dealerships are currently dropping the prices of their new hybrid models as an
incentive and compensation for the cost of a future battery in hopes of gaining
a leg up out there in the streets. But there is hope for hybrid battery
technology after all, as we segue to a company known as Altairnano.

Altairnano, Inc. has been working with Phoenix Motorcars, who has been using
their new Lithium Titanate battery for their zero-emission SUV known as the
Phoenix. The new battery is capable of an 80 percent charge with just one minute
of charging time and a full charge in ten minutes. To solve the concern of
longevity, the Lithium Titanate has been designed to last 20-plus years of daily usage.

While alternative technology has clearly not caught the attention of most
consumers and experts, advancements in technology continuously brings new
promise! To give you an example of just how far we have come, they actually did
a comparison between the Phoenix and the Cadillac Escalade, and we'd be darned
if the "little-electric-that-could" stands its ground quite well for just about
every one of the important segments.


2008 Phoenix Electric SUV/SUT2007 Cadillac Escalade SUV
Torque (lbs)480417
0-60Under 10 secondsUnder 7 seconds
Mileage130 Miles to a charge17 miles to the gallon

What's your excuse now, world? Well, we're sure they'll think of something, but
until somebody things of something better, electric energy should remain a big
contender for our future. Everyday there is new technology popping up and it is
up to the consumer to do their own research rather than just let "Mr. And Mrs.
Money bags Corporation" delegate what advancements we'll see and what we won't!


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