Electric Vehicles
Use of Electric Vehicles Could Eliminate Harmful Emissions

January 12, 2009

With auto makers on board, widespread electric vehicles are becoming
a reality, but only with billions in electric vehicle infrastructure investment.

Environmental remediation is major task facing future generations.
According to New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation,
motor vehicles are the largest source of three major pollutants: carbon
monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons.

The chemicals contained in vehicle emissions are known to damage lung
tissue, and can lead to aggravate respiratory diseases. Motor vehicle
pollution also contributes to the formation of acid rain and adds to
greenhouse gases that cause global warming. In many urban areas, motor
vehicles are the largest contributor to ground-level ozone, which is a
component of smog.

The bottom line is that burning gasoline is unhealthy for people and the
planet. One clean solution to this problem is the use of electric
vehicles, which release no harmful emissions. Electric vehicles have the
potential to reduce if not completely eliminate harmful emissions derived
from human transportation.

Opponents might say that electric vehicles do not reduce emissions,
because the electricity used to charge them often comes from dirty coal
plants. This is true, but as coal plants become a thing of the past,
eventually all of our energy will come from clean renewable sources. With
the electric transportation infrastructure in place to accept this clean
electricity, transportation emissions would be zero.

Now that auto makers are on board, we will begin to see the electric
transportation infrastructure take shape. This is no easy task, and will
require billions in investment in coming years, but this is a small price
to pay for adopting technology that could help save our planet.
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