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About Us

China Future Cities Holdings, Inc. (CFC for short) was registered in the US, which is founded by World Capital Market Inc. and several American investment institutions.

CFC, composed of American entrepreneurs, investment bankers, management professionals and high-tech experts, select potential areas to develop Future Cities that are the Second-Generation high-tech industry parks much better than current ones in China. Future Cities are set as international cities which enterprises elites and successful persons prefer to live and work in.

Company's mission

The city is an international business district, which gathers international capital and human resources. Lots of worldwide medium and small companies and high-tech projects will be attracted and grow in the city.

The city is a high-tech business park, which accommodates manufactories, traders, developers and services. Many sectors of enterprises will be integrated to develop.

The city is a composite innovation base, which. The enterprises will share their resources and win together.

The city is a western style club, which claims freedom and independence.

The city is a qualified living community, which focus on energy economic applying, living environment protecting and residence humanizing. The people live pleasantly and healthily in the city.

The American style city:
It is a functional garden comparing to single manufacture Industry Parks. All of the city characteristics, such as the programming, buildings, functions, services, will embody the feature of western cities.

The American style incubation:
All of the best elements will be offered to enterprises, including factory workshops, environment, elites, policies and money, to develop and strengthen.

The American style services:
It is a ˇ°one-stopˇ± services business center. We will provide many kinds of qualified services, including finance, international trade, financial management, accounting, distribution, investment, consulting, etc.

The American style life:
We will create a pleasant and comfortable living environment with high-tech facilities and advanced services system for all residence in the city.

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