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Urban Vision Our Mission

Our Competencies:

  • City Visioning & Development Strategies
  • City Branding Initiatives
  • Institutional Reforms
  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Strategic Communication for Change
Accelerating Urban Transformation

Indian Cities are in the news more now than they have ever been before. Be it for their contribution to the National GDP or for their failure in providing basic civic and infrastructure services to citizens the arc lights are currently on cities. Described often as Rising Cities with Rickety Infrastructure and basic services, our cities are being discussed for reasons both good and bad.

While there is a lot of good that is happening to our Indian cities in terms of growth, visibility and International mindshare, the bad news is that they are not able to live up to the expectations of the citizens and investors. The city governments are under enormous pressure to keep pace and are failing to provide adequate infrastructure and basic services like water and sanitation. The urban poor are the most affected.

Our cities, which have the potential to contribute enormously to the nation, are paradoxically victimized by their own growth! The reality is they are not able to cope with this rapid urbanization.

Cities have to address this deterioration of services and build capacities to meet rising demands and the citizen expectations. Low levels of delivery of services such as water supply and sanitation is a major constraint in realizing the potential of cities.

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