Future Green Cities
The World's Greenest Cities of the Future

By Brian Merchant
Planet Green
July 9, 2008

Greensburg is well on its way to ranking among the most eco-aware cities around.
So who are its peers? These three cities are Greensburg's brothers in arms in
the journey to establish the future of green building.

Masdar City, United Arab Emirates Maybe the most ambitiously planned green
city in the world, Masdar City will rely completely on solar energy for power
and will be one hundred percent sustainable. It'll also feature some
fascinating architecture when it's unveiled in 2018.

British Eco Towns Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of London, has advanced a
proposal for the development of ten eco towns that would meet high standards
of sustainable living and affordable housing requirements. Each city will fit
around 20,000 people, and each home will be a zero carbon house.

Dongtan, China China isn't exactly the first place that comes to mind when
we think of green living. But sure enough, Dongtan is a planned eco city
that'll be located on an island right outside of Shanghai. When opened in
2040, the city will be greenhouse emission free, have complete sustainability
in water and energy, and be home to 500,000 people.


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