Effects of Global Warming

There are numerous effects of global warming which we may or may not be experiencing at this point in time. It is generally difficult to pin the responsibility of a recent event on global warming due to the relatively short space of time that we have known about global warming and climate change.

Recent changes in the earth's temperature, sea levels and other factors have been seen by our planet throughout its life cycle. There is strong evidence to suggest our planet is warming, however there is a less amount of evidence which we can use to identify a single cause of this.

Rising sea levels could be a future effect of Global WarmingAs the planets average annual temperature increases, we are likely to see numerous effects in a range of different areas. One of the most highlighted consequences could be rising sea levels. Many towns and some cities lay at a significant level below sea level. This could cause flooding leading to loss of life and serious economical impacts.

The main cause of rising sea levels can be blamed on climate change due to the melting of Arctic sea ice and glacial retreat. Not only does this pose a threat to some of our towns and cities, it also poses a threat to the survival of some animal species such as the polar bear.

Global Warming could have an effect on world food shortages.Rising sea levels could also have a significant impact on agriculture and could be a cause of possible future world food shortages.

Increasing temperatures could be a future cause of the spread of tropical diseases due to the migration of insects. This is a key concern for many governments across the world who may not be ready for an event like this to occur.

A recent surge in wild weather conditions has led some scientists to believe the cause could be related to global warming. Solar energy is the cause of our planets winds, and increasing levels of this solar energy trapped within the earth's atmosphere could lead to stronger and more violent winds in the future.

Increasing temperatures as a result of global warming is also likely to cause increased precipitation, leading to more widespread flooding, causing serious economical impacts.

From the above effects, we can see that a major concern and possibly the key effect of global warming is likely to be rising sea levels as this process is likely to effect the widest range of factors.

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