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The time to stop global warming is now. The health of our planet lies in the balance. See what's at stake and how we are putting our leaders in the hot seat.

We're seeing the effects of global warming all around us - more intense heat waves that disproportionately affect the elderly and poor, more severe storms that wreak havoc on our homes and communities, and all kinds of changing cycles in the natural world.

That's why it'sunacceptable for the U.S. government and oil companies likeExxonMobil to continue to fuel global warming while refusing to supportsolutions to the problem.  Fortunately, a clean energy revolutionis sweeping across the country - we have the tools to put the Earthback in balance, and we can do it today.

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Putting soy impacts on the map

Greenpeace: Community Mapping in the Amazon
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Monitoring the effects of deforestation on the Amazon is a difficult undertaking. The Amazon is so large that it's extremely difficult to keep tabs on what's happening in the remote fringes of the rainforest. News of illegal logging and the spread of soy plantations can take a long time to reach the authorities — assuming it ever reaches them at all. That's why our team in Brazil has been working with local communities to map the impacts of the soy industry in the Santarém region of the forest, the heart of soy production in the Amazon.

Favorable assessment means Cape Wind can finally move forward

Greenpeace protests the obstruction of the United State's first offshore wind farm on the waters of Nantucket Sound off Hyannis, Massachussetts on August 17, 2005. Photo © Todd Warshaw/ Greenpeace USA.

The energy revolution is underway in Massachussetts.

The U.S. Minerals Management Service has issued a favorable Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the Cape Wind project, a windfarm of 130 turbines to be built in Nantucket Sound off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Leaders from labor, civic, and environmental groups across Massachussetts and the country hailed the release of the report, as it is the final federal environmental report needed for the long delayed and much scrutinized project to finally move forward.

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