What Is Global Warming?

What is global warming?This article aims to answer the question "what is global warming?".

Global warming is a global increase in the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere. This warming is a result of excessive greenhouse gases contained within the Earth's atmosphere, possibly as a result of the industrial revolution.

As increasing levels of greenhouse gases are contained within the Earth's atmosphere, more heat is trapped as a result of the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is a key ingredient of global warming as a significant level of heat from the sun is bounced back to Earth for a second time, instead of radiating out of our atmosphere.

Although global warming may only increase the globes average temperature by a few degrees, this could have disastrous effects for sea levels, wildlife and human existence.

Until recently, there were many sceptics of global warming, but as more evidence comes to light of how disastrous the future effects may be, more and more people are beginning to come around to the idea that action needs to be taken to help curb global warming.

Currently, it is quite difficult to place the blame of global warming on human activities, however, the many different effects of global warming are much easier to highlight and are been seen across the globe.

There are significant effects of global warming in Canada and these effects highlight how much of a threat global warming could be to our livelihoods, nature and the economy.

Although nobody can predict how fierce the future effects of global warming will be, we are already able to link global warming to recent extreme weather events.

The question "what is global warming?" is fairly easy to provide answers for, however, the question "what causes global warming?" may take many more years to answer. Although greenhouse gases can be linked to the root cause, we are unable to place the blame on either human existence or nature.

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