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Living Building Challenge

Welcome to the Living Building ChallengeTM:
pursuing true sustainability in the built environment.


Now is the right time for Living Buildings.


Imagine a building designed and constructed to function as elegantly and efficiently as a flower.

Imagine a building informed by its eco-region’s characteristics and that:

  • generates all of its own energy with renewable resources
  • captures and treats all of its water
  • operates efficiently and for maximum beauty
The Cascadia Region Green Building Council (Cascadia) issues a challenge to all building owners, architects, design professionals, engineers and contractors to build in a way that provides for a sustainable future.


The Living Building Challenge is comprised of six performance areas, or Petals:





Indoor Quality

Beauty + Inspiration

Projects may apply for individual Petal designation by satisfying the requirements within that petal, or for Living Building Status by attaining all requirements within the system.