Project Certification

LEED certification provides independent, third-party verification that a building project meets the highest green building and performance measures. All certified projects receive a LEED plaque, which is the nationally recognized symbol demonstrating that a building is environmentally responsible, profitable and a healthy place to live and work.

There are both environmental and financial benefits to earning LEED certification.

LEED-certified buildings:

  • Lower operating costs and increased asset value.
  • Reduce waste sent to landfills.
  • Conserve energy and water.
  • Healthier and safer for occupants.
  • Reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Qualify for tax rebates, zoning allowances and other incentives in hundreds of cities.
  • Demonstrate an owner's commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility.


Commercial buildings as defined by standard building codes are eligible for certification under the LEED for New Construction, LEED for Existing Buildings, LEED for Commercial Interiors, LEED for Retail, LEED for Schools and LEED for Core & Shell rating systems. Building types include – but are not limited to – offices, retail and service establishments, institutional buildings (e.g., libraries, schools, museums and religious institutions), hotels and residential buildings of four or more habitable stories.

If you are unsure whether your building project is a candidate for LEED certification, review the LEED Rating System Checklist that applies to your project to tally a potential point total. Your project is a viable candidate for certification if it meets all prerequisites and can achieve the minimum number of points necessary to earn the Certified level.

Visit the LEED Rating System section to find the Rating System Checklist applicable to your project.

Learn about the registration process and register your project for LEED certification.
Learn about the LEED certification process and using LEED-Online.
LEED information, resources, and support. Project team members can upload credit templates, view and submit Credit Interpretation Requests, manage key project details, and view and respond to reviewer comments.
Portfolio Program
Learn about USGBC’s Portfolio Program, which supports building owners working to earn LEED certification by providing a cost-effective, streamlined certification process.
Credit Interpretation Rulings
Project applicants seeking technical and administrative guidance on how LEED credits apply to their projects can find guidelines, search existing credit interpretation rulings or submit a new credit interpretation request.
LEED Project Directory
Search for LEED-certified and registered projects in your area.
Product Manufacturer and Service Provider Resources
Product manufacturers and service providers are vital to advancing USGBC's mission of market transformation.