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Green Building Finance Consortium

The Green Building Finance Consortium (GBFC) is a group of leading corporations, real estate companies, and trade groups who have joined together to address the need for independent research and analysis of investment in Green or energy efficient buildings.

The mission of GBFC is to enable the private real estate sector—corporations, investors, lenders, and developers—to appropriately recognize the value and risk of investment in Green Buildings. To accomplish this mission, GBFC will develop the underwriting practices, tools and valuations methodologies required to assess, from a fiduciary perspective, investment or lending on Green buildings, and widely communicate the results of our work.

GBFC’s effort is unique, in that it is the first independent effort of its kind led by real estate finance and investment specialists who have advised many of the nation’s leading real estate or finance companies including Standard and Poors Corporation, Merrill Lynch, CalPERS, Freddie-Mac, Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation, Bank of America, RREEF, Standard Mortgage Investors, Catellus, and scores of other leading companies. (See and Team Biographies for more detail).

The GBFC’s work is being financed by the real estate industry through its Consortium Members and the contributions of Implementation Team members. GBFC’s is working closely with its Consortium Members, Advisory Board, and many trade groups and organizations to ensure the quality and applicability of its work.

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