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Green Walls In Chile

Green building of the week from Inhabitat is this Chilean apartment block encased in green walls - Chilean High Rise Wrapped in a Living Green Wall.
Lately we’ve seen some incredible projects that make great use of the insulating and air-purifying benefits of green walls. The latest to strike our eye is this clean-lined office surrounded by the rolling Bío Bío hills in the center of Concepción, Chile. Conceived by Enrique Browne Arquitectos, the building makes extensive use of locally-sourced materials and is enveloped in a leafy green facade overflowing with bougainvillea, jasmine, and plumbago.

Also at Inhabitat, this island eco-resort planned for Azerbaijan - Azerbaijan’s Carbon Neutral Zira Island.
Zira Island is a 1,000,000 sq meter island In the Caspian Sea that will soon be developed into an incredible eco-community and sustainably built resort. Master-planned by Denmark-based BIG Architects, the carbon-neutral eco-island is based on the seven peaks of Azerbaijan and its mountainous ecosystems. Located in the bay of the capital city Baku, Zira Island is a ferry ride away from a growing metropolis and will stand as an example to a region so dependent on oil, that it is possible to live off the wind and sun.

BIG Architects‘ Zira Island will feature seven major structures modeled after the peaks of Azerbaijan that are connected by trails, greenbelts and the coastline. The Seven Peaks will each house a residential development and public space, and there will also be 300 private villas near a golf course in the central valley. Zira’s new skyline of organic buildings will resemble a mountain range that merges with the natural topography of the island.

Many carbon neutral communities are currently being developed around the world, like Masdar, Rioja, and Dongtan. All promise a new way of life completely independent of carbon-based fuels. Zira Island is less of a city and more or a resort, but it still holds the same promises of sustainability and will use the sun, wind and water to heat and power the island.

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