August 23, 2007

INDIA TOWER: India’s Greenest Skyscraper?

by Jorge Chapa

India’s greenest tower, India Tower, FX Fowle, Mumbai Green building, Green skyscraper, eco skyscraper, solar shading, daylighting, green india, sustainable skyscraper

Green skyscrapers seem to be all the rage these days, and now India is jumping on the bandwagon with FXFowle Architects’ India Tower, currently being built in South Mumbai to house a new Park Hyatt Hotel. According to the designers, India Tower will be the greenest skyscraper in the entire country, boasting rainwater harvesting, green materials, and a possible US LEED Gold rating.

India’s greenest tower, India Tower, FX Fowle, Mumbai Green building, Green skyscraper, eco skyscraper, solar shading, daylighting, green india, sustainable skyscraper

Strikingly similar to Tianjin’s ‘Pile of Boxes’, the 60 story, 301 meter tower is subdivided into different modules, each slightly rotated to the next. Each module is meant to signal a change in function of the tower, one being a hotel, the next residential units, one next a retail area and so on. In terms of green features, the structure would integrate everything from common-sense green strategies like shaded windows, natural ventilation, and proper site orientation and zoning to green technologies such as rainwater harvesting and eco-friendly materials.

It is a good thing that developers and architects are trying to minimize the resource consumption of skyscrapers. We’ve seen some rather innovative examples in the past, some going as far as designing a building around sustainable features, such a wind turbines, like in the case of Castle House in London. Most of those have been in the United States or Britain, with a few lofty renderings coming from Dubai, so it is great to see interest in sustainable architecture in other parts of the world. The building is expected to be finished by 2010.

+ India Tower
+ FXFowle Architects

India’s greenest tower, India Tower, FX Fowle, Mumbai Green building, Green skyscraper, eco skyscraper, solar shading, daylighting, green india, sustainable skyscraper

India’s greenest tower, India Tower, FX Fowle, Mumbai Green building, Green skyscraper, eco skyscraper, solar shading, daylighting, green india, sustainable skyscraper

India’s greenest tower, India Tower, FX Fowle, Mumbai Green building, Green skyscraper, eco skyscraper, solar shading, daylighting, green india, sustainable skyscraper

india, LEED Gold, Leed, sustainable, skyscraper, solar shading, natural ventilation, daylighting, rainwater harvesting, green interior finishes, green materials, india tower

16 Responses to “INDIA TOWER: India’s Greenest Skyscraper?”

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Saurabh Says:

I am not against being Eco-friendly but i strongly feel that you are missing the point,
1) If you know the area where the building is going to come, up you will realize that only a certain class will be able to afford it (simply going by the real estate prices and hotel rentals), which means that the building actually caters to a section of people who have a lavish lifestyle, or should i say, believe in over consumption, which is in complete contradiction to your own ideas of environment and sustainability.

2) The construction of the Tower of that scale is against the CRZ (coastal regulations zone) that is a policy to ensure the safeguard of flora and fauna from intense building and construction activity, and limits building heights within 500 mts from the coast to about 24 mts. (G+7)

3) The tower also completely ignores ideas of Heritage properties around, the ground plus 4 buildings along the Queens necklace are from the Art Deco style and are of heritage importance to the city.

4) lastly being next to the sea, the amount of sheer resources the tower will demand for its maintenance will shock you, (please find out the amount of money spent by each building along that stretch to protect itself from corrosion).

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[...] palestars …a tumblin’ tumblelog… « prev post · August 23rd, 2007 has a couple of articles on some intriguing and fascinating architecture that is soon to be on the horizon (literally) with Tianjin’s “Pile of Boxes” and India’s “India Tower.” [...]

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Michael Says:

I actually fine the overall design of the tower very appealing. However, India is one of the poorest countries in the world with much of their population living in poverty. Great “GREEN” concept and design for only the wealthly, let the poor and all of the other homeless continue to live in their shacks and gutters spread across India while a few can “live the good life”, is Donald Trump’s father behind this venture?

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jim Says:

What an ugly mess. Does being ‘green’ prohibit the architect from using graceful and elegant design elements now? Looks like a shanty town lighthouse

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Kris Says:

I feel people who feel its wrong to construct..just have one thing to say…stop being a crab…Allow the growth..growth of such a buidling would encourage employment..some temporary and some long term..belive in top down growth approach rather than bottom up..and please stop saying poor poor….because yes there are poor..who were made poor by western occupiers..who stole wealth from here to uplift their world..its not they removved poverty by doing something amazing..they stole from one place to feed the other..

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rek Says:

Another unremarkable stack of rectangles. When did architecture stop?

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[...] collaborated with Renzo Piano on the New York Times building -– the Tower will look like a series of boxes, each stacked slightly askew. One of those “boxes” will house a Park Hyatt, while the remaining [...]

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green bombeel with a what phoda the life for attitude.

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As far as building design is considered, I believe India could use a structures like this.But personally, culture oriented design can help the nations architectural heritage be restored.

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This is in respect to the much vaunted and discussed so called India Tower. I would like to avail of this opportunity to brief readers, pertaining to a brief background of the area, where the proposed tower is supposed to be built. Contruction has not as yet commenced as there are residential pockets existing who have not signed any agreement with Neelkamal or Balwas-Dynamix( developers); for handing of the their premises. There are still legal petitions pending in court , in respect to the area, which hitherto has been known as Diamond Jubilee Compound. The Developers had mislead and duped the people of the above mentioned compound in acquiring the premises. They had promised to build an Educational institution , whereas in reality their intentions were in stark contrast to their professed statements . Balwas and Patel of Neelkamal have used professional ruffians(goondas) to get the land evicted of bonafide tenants, who had been residing in the area, for nearly 5 generations. They used criminal intimidation and strong arm tactics to get the land evicted of tentants. Both developers(Balwas and Neelkamal) time and again flaunted their political connections, in order to intimidate and subdue any opposition to their nefarious agenda. They time and again cited their affinity to Sharad Pawar and Goenka to force people to comply . I was a resident of the said compound, but was compelled to vacate, much against my wishes as Balwas and Patel used criminal intimdation against my family members, incuding ladies , to make me comply. Till date i havent signed any agreement with the Developers , pertaining to handing over of my premises and i am pursuing the matter through legal petitions in the courts. Readers please bear in mind that these Developers are no businessmen, but crooks and cronies of certain politicians of the worst order. Though ostensibly the Develepors are using the title of ‘Suresh Estate Pvt. LTD’ in reality it is Neelkamal and Balwas which is running the show. The above mentioned property also falls under the Charity Commissioner of Mumbai as it is ‘waqf land meaning land which has been gifted to local muslims by the Muslim Trust of Nakhuda Rogay Trust.

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senthil Says:

i feel most of the tooth pastes are same and its only the “german technology” or the “used by most dentist” kind of gingles that make the sale. here also the green arch (now), contemporary arch, modernism, this’ism that’ism, this arch that arch, all these are just corporate gingles to boost their square inches for a better sale in the international market.

i personally am against it. it is better if we follow the local / vernacular architecture, blending with the existing heritage.

i also feel that green architecture has been formulated and accepted by the so called developed countries after they have already constructed a lot of concrete jungles in their countries and are coming back to nature. whereas in india were we have not yet lost our land as concrete jungles except for some cities (or few parts of some cities) and we have a heritage of courtyard concept, rain water harvesting, etc. from ancient times which we have already studied in various parts of planned ancient cities right from mohenjadaro till madurai, etc.

now the story is as usual

first they learn about termuric
then they start using it
after good effects they start testing it for reasons

then they formulate it (as most developed countrymen dont understand things without a strict formula or standard)

atlast they patent it

then comes corporate ship where they become the boss of turmeric

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Excellant ,with this we can soon expect the GREEN TWIN TOWERS in INDIA……….

Srinivasa Manapragada,San Jose,California,USA

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Raj Says:

Is This tower is able to see abroad Mumbai or only for Mumbai ? , excellent achievement i say :)

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this is so pitiful. unremarakble architecture, india with all its richness deserves so much better. we continue to fall for the foreign hand, irrespective of the mediocrity they continue to supply us with, in the form of boring , shiny glass boxes. this building could be anywhere. isnt uniqueness , the apparent charm of india? why is the so apparently tasteless and placeless then?

we in india should finally encourage local design talent on a large scale. a country with diversity of ideas, skills and resources such as india doesnt deserve mediocre architecture from ill qialified foreigners. i dont mean to sound xenophobic, but i am pretty certain such a monstrosity would not be permitted to be built in the design concious hometown of the said architects.

i am very hopeful that this monster will never materialize.

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iftach Says:

I read somewhere that they are thinking of using automated parking as another aspect of keeping the building green. can anyone refer to that or to the concept of green parking in general?


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