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Leading the Curve
New York icon reveals retrofit secrets
RMI helps green the Empire State Building. More>>
Indiana's Energy Systems Network Launches Cleantech Initiative
RMI's Amory Lovins and Bright Automotive's John Waters among chief advisors. More>>
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RMI News Archive
Trucking Summit, April 14-16

Click the image for coverage on RMI's April 14-16 Trucking Charrette.
Empire State Building

RMI helps the world's most famous office building reduce its energy use by nearly 40 percent.
2009 NAA Green Conference

James Brew to keynote the 2009 NAA Green Conference and Exposition. 4/28-4/29.

The Latest from RMI's blog

Making the world’s most famous office building (and yours) more efficient
By Jonah Taylor
The Empire State Building's retrofit might seem far removed from the kind of steps we can take at home or in the office – but taking the right steps, in the right order, makes a big difference in any building.

Solar power about to go mainstream
By Sam Newman
How cutting costs throughout the solar industry will make panels affordable soon.

Jogging lighter with eco running shoes and recyclable gear
By Betsy Herzog
Using recyclable equipment can help reduce your carbon "footprint" as a runner.

Frequently Asked Questions
Common questions on green building, energy and transportation
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Bright Automotive Unveils 100 MPGe plug-in hybrid in Washington DC

Indiana's Bright Automotive is set to turn Rocky Mountain Institute's lightweight, hyper-efficient vehicle concept into reality.

Today, the start-up vehicle company, which launched out of RMI last year, is unveiling the IDEA--a 100 mpg equivalent plug-in hybrid concept vehicle--in Washington DC. By 2012, Bright expects to begin producing 50,000 IDEAs a year, thereby creating over 5,000 jobs by 2013.

To achieve such groundbreaking fuel efficiency, Bright Automotive is maximizing platform efficiency--incorporating lightweight materials, advanced aerodynamics and low-rolling resistance tires to use less combined energy.

On a full charge, the IDEA will operate in all-electric mode for the first 30 miles before switching to hybrid mode for a full range of 400 miles. For a typical drive of 50 miles, the vehicle consumes ½ gallon of gasoline – equivalent to 100 mpg fuel efficiency.

For details on the IDEA vehicle, see here.

For more on RMI's Efficient, Lightweight Vehicle Concept See:
Project Get Ready
How to Design a Light, Big, and Safe Car
Plug-in Hybrids Address the Other Energy Security Issue: The Grid
Design and Manufacture of an Affordable Advanced-Composite Automotive Body Structure (PDF)

Press Coverage:
Bright IDEA: A 100-mpg Industrial Strength Plug-in Hybrid
Envision Solar Joins Bright Automotive to Unveil Revolutionary Automotive, Solar-to-Electric Vehicle Charging Technologies on Capitol Hill
Bright IDEA comes to Washington, DC as a 100-mpg* plug-in hybrid van
Fox News video coverage

U.S. Gasoline Demand Has Peaked

U.S. Gasoline demand expected to decline with efficiency and biofuels according to the Wall Street Journal and various industry experts.

Source: Wall Street Journal, Energy Information Administration

Gains in efficient transportation technologies, a trend toward denser city centers, overall societal shifts, the recession, new commuting patterns, and last summer's oil price shock, are all contributing to an irrevocable reduction in U.S. oil demand according to a Wall Street Journal article published last week.

Since 1977 RMI chief scientist Amory Lovins has predicted the soft energy path would prevail over more energy intensive methods, and some of Lovins' most contentious and controversial statements stem from his insistence that efficiency and renewable supply have already begun to steer the United States away from its dependence on foreign oil.

In 2004, Lovins and a team of RMI collaborators drafted a roadmap to wean the United States completely off oil by 2050, led by business for profit.

Just a few years ago the Energy Information Administration projected U.S. demand for oil would continue for years, and few thought it possible that consumption would decline before the end of the decade. But today, experts as varied as Exxon Mobile employees and government energy forecasters believe that is, indeed, the case.

Read the full Wall Street Journal article for more information.

Read Rocky Mountain Institute's Previous Projections here:
1977: Energy Strategy: The Road Not Taken (PDF)
2004: Winning the Oil Endgame
2008: Does a Big Economy Need Big Power Plants?

Helping Businesses/Organizations Make Money Doing What’s Right

Rocky Mountain Institute ® (RMI) is a nonprofit organization that fosters the efficient and restorative use of resources so that companies, governments and organizations are more efficient, make more money and do less harm to the environment. RMI is engaged in cutting-edge research on oil independence, renewable energy technologies, distributed energy, resource planning, green buildings and radically efficient transportation.

Our innovations have profoundly influenced the energy sector, helped corporations to change how they do business and informed governments about key enabling policy reforms. RMI areas of expertise include: energy use and supply, buildings & land development, transportation, manufacturing, climate protection and community economic development.

RMI is a think and do tank. About half our support comes from individual donors and foundation grants, whose tax-deductible donations fund our leading edge research projects and implementation. The other half comes from earned revenue — from consulting for corporations and governments to implement the research findings made possible by our generous donors. Learn more about how to support RMI's research.

Federal Energy Policy Goals

RMI has released its Top Federal Energy Policy Goals, which can reduce U.S. oil use and greenhouse gas emissions each by 50 percent in 10 years.

Download RMI's Top Federal Energy Policy Goals
NSC Members' Green Home

NSC members, Paul Holland and Linda Yates, are in the process of building a state of the art, net zero energy, fossil fuel free home. Click the image to download a detailed description of the building process.

Commemorating Greg Franta

With great sadness, we learned of Greg Franta's passing on March 10th. Greg was well-respected and loved both at RMI and in the broader sustainable architecture field. RMI has established the Greg Franta Leadership Fund to honor and continue Greg's work. MORE.
Oil Map Webtool
Solutions Journal

RMI's MOVE team has recently developed this dynamic, interactive map in partnership with Google. The map shows how much oil the U.S. has imported, from where, and how much we have spent every month since 1973.

Go to the Oil Map
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