Green Economy
Five Forces Will Drive the Green Economy in 2009

By Maryanne Conlin Milker
January 7, 2009

Andrew Wilson Of Winston Eco-Strategies predicts 5 trends will drive eco
business growth in 2009

…many of the critical trends propelling the Green Wave - will grow stronger in
2009, no matter what the economic conditions. Five forces will still drive a
fundamental shift in how business operates, even during a recession.

Rising commodity prices (in the medium and long run)

The drive for transparency

Your business customers, greening their supply chains

Your consumers, conflicted and searching

Your employees, looking for more than a paycheck

These two mega-forces and three stakeholder pressures will not go away. The
smart companies will make wise investments in the downturn and prepare for the
Green Wave to come back in full force.

I have to agree in the long run and that’s why it will be critical for green
businesses to do what all businesses must do in this economic uncertainty – cut
costs. While slashing expenses and reducing costs can be relatively easy at
first, especially after an age of excess, once the easy cuts are made comes the
tough part – People and Planet.

For 3P companies, cutting jobs can be tough. So can reducing charitable programs
or environmental programs. Rising commodity prices can create havoc with well
intentioned energy programs. Transparency can be a positive and a negative.
Conflicted customers may be more price conscious than they are eco.
Though these 5 forces will drive green business, will yours be around to
survive? What are you doing to ensure that will happen?


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