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The Green Jobs Training Site

The Green Jobs site is the knowledge sharing platform of the ITC ILO for all people  wanting to know more about the link between environmental challenges and transformations in the world of work. It gives examples of how enterprises, workers and governments contribute to cleaner and greener production and consumption patterns through green jobs. But it also gives you the opportunity to prepare best for participation in one of our training courses.  

The platform and courses are being developed and regularly revised by the ITC ILO and ILO experts in order to best match training and learning needs of policy makers. 

The full set of ILO work on Green Jobs can be found on the site

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Add your voice

This platform is an interactive place where you can share good examples of low-carbon & decent work cases in your own company, country, or what have you. Send a short  message to our webmaster and your case history will get uploaded and widely shared.


Contact the team to add your story.


The Green Jobs Initiative – a joint collaboration between UNEP, ILO, IOE and ITUC

Green Jobs have become an emblem of a more sustainable economy and society that preserves the environment for present and future generations and is more equitable and inclusive of all people and all countries. But evidence shows that green jobs do not automatically constitute decent work. Many of these jobs are “dirty, dangerous and difficult”. Employment in industries such as recycling and waste management, biomass energy and construction tends to be precarious and incomes low. If green jobs are to be a bridge to a truly sustainable future, this needs to change. Green jobs therefore need to comprise decent work. Decent, green jobs effectively link Millennium Development Goal 1 (poverty reduction) and Millennium Development Goal 7 (protecting the environment) and make them mutually supportive rather than conflicting.


Click here for more information on the definition of green jobs or here to read the Green Jobs Report published in September 2008.

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