Green Economy
The Green Economy 2009

By Robert Ludvig
Green Business
March 15, 2009

Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes the green economy will be a significant
participant in bringing an end to the current worldwide recession - the key
reason being the enormous investment in alternative energy. When we look back,
2009 will be viewed as a monumental year in terms of the economy. Critical to
the green economy is alternative energy and the willingness of governments
around the world to jump-start their economy by investing billions of dollars
into these once scoffed at energies. The solar and wind energy that we use in
our homes and businesses, and the hybrid electric cars that we drive, will be
the reason we exit a recession and sidestep another Great Depression.

The auto industry needs new markets. We all have cars, but how many of us have
hybrids or cars that run exclusively on electricity? The market is massive and
the auto industry is currently being given money to research and manufacture
these new types of cars that few people own. Instead of asking if you have a car
that is standard or automatic you can now ask if your car is run on electricity
or not. The auto industry, specifically, is teetering on the brink of collapse,
as of this writing. There have been rumblings that the big three auto makers
could be filing for bankruptcy. What was unthinkable a mere 10 years ago is the
reality today. The potential for new sales is enormous with regards to cars run
by alternative energy. The survival of the auto industry is dependant on the the
sale of cars run by electricity. The auto industry either fully adapts and
creates automobiles that satisfy the needs of the green era or they perish. The
consequences are too tragic. Our future, environmentally speaking, and their
future, economically speaking, is relying on it.

On the alternative energy front, governments are throwing money into producing
energy from sources other than coal. Low carbon emissions is where itís at, and
I believe solar energy is leading the way. Whether we are talking about North
America or Europe, companies that are in the solar energy sector will be
thriving in 2009. Green technology is leading green business on a macro level.
With all of the money being pumped into the economy by governments throughout
the world much of the money in these stimulus packages is going to alternative
energies. The consensus seems to be that the alternative energy sector as well
as the automobile industry, is where the bulk of innovation with regards to
green technology is being made.


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