Green Investments
Fatten Your Investment Portfolio with Green Investing

March 27, 2008

Go Green with Your Investing

Today's trend and motto is 'go green'! Everything from waste products to the
stock market Fatten Your Investment Portfolio with Green Investingare. Following
this green trend for investing can fatten your investment portfolio.

Soaring oil prices, and a downward spiraling economy has fueled the trend, and
the need, to go green. Adding green investment funds to your portfolio will add
green cash to your account.

Many green funds are full of solar, wind and water energy companies. But you
will also find companies such as Google, Apple, IBM and Johnson & Johnson going
with the green trend. Investing in any company with their eye on the 'go green'
trend will fatten your portfolio over time. It won't be a get rich quick
investment, the window of opportunity has already opened and closed for that
quick million you were hoping for, but investing in green funds will increase
your portfolios earnings.

Funds are taking two basic approaches to green investing, the direct approach
and the best in breed approach. The direct approach is too invest in companies
that produce goods or services aimed at solving environmental problems. Typical
direct green investment funds are in shares of companies that produce
alternative energy, organic foods, or that are directly involved in conservation
or recycling. Direct approach funds can be invested in with companies such as
Winslow Green Solutions, PowerShares, First Solar, Whole Foods and Vista Winds
and New Alternatives. Not giving stock market tips, just suggestions of green
funds that might be worthy of your investment money.

The best in breed approach to fatten your portfolio with green investing is to
look for companies and industries that are actively trying to 'go green', such
as an oil company that has been deemed as producing the cleanest oil. Green
Century Balanced, Green Century Equity and Spectra Green or funds with
Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble, Google fall into this best in breed approach to
green investing.

Some green funds blend the two approaches together for a well balanced green
portfolio addition. It's fairly easy to see which way a fund tilts by reading
it's website and it's prospectus portfolio.

It's ok to put all your eggs into one green basket for a little fattening up of
your investment portfolio. As long as the eggs are organic from free range
chickens, the baskets are made from recycled Fatten Your Investment Portfolio
with Green Investingmaterial and if you should decide to cook those eggs, you
want an alternative energy source to do so with.


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