Going Green in Commercial Office Buildings - What does Transcend Equity do?

Posted by Transcend Equity in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX on Aug 04, 2008

This podcast is 2 minutes and 12 seconds in length.

Transcend Equity provides development and financial services to owners of commercial office properties to enhance yield on their real estate investments. Transcend Equity focuses on the reconstruction and renovation of office buildings to make them more energy efficient and better for the environment.  Most large energy service and savings companies focus primarily on school districts, hospitals, universities and municipalities to impact the energy use of those spaces because commercial real estate has too many restrictions. Transcend Equity decided to focus on commercial real estate, bridging the barriers of what you can do in absence of the restrictions of real estate regarding energy efficiency. 

After Transcend Equity, the reconstruction of a building makes for a better work environment for tenants without them suffering the cost, creates a financial return for all stakeholders, ensures the landlord will make more money on a building’s real estate and positively impacts the energy use of an existing building to match that of the construction of a new “green” building.