Green Investments
Green Investing Remains Priority Despite Economy

The Executive’s Daily Green Briefing
December 30, 2008

Even with the economy down, business owners continue to be optimistic about
giving to environmental causes, according to a survey released by SunTrust Bank
Private Wealth Management. The survey found that 69 percent of business owners
claimed, “Even if there is an economic downturn that moderately affects my
business, I plan to maintain my current level of giving to environmental causes
in the coming year.”

The study surveyed more than 200 business owners with at least $10 million in
annual revenue about their outlook on “green” giving and investing. Most
respondents believed it is a “good” or “average” time to invest in mutual funds
or other financial instruments that are specifically marketed as “green” or
environmentally responsible. In addition, 40 percent of respondents believe it
is a “good time” for all businesses to adhere to the highest possible
environmental standards.

However, the survey had some caveats: while attitudes and preferences toward
green investing remain strong, most business owners had neither invested
personal money nor business money in mutual funds or financial instruments
marketed as “green” or environmentally responsible. Only 31 percent had invested
personally this way and only 28 percent had allocated business funds to these
investments. But nearly half of the business owners donated personal money to
organizations devoted to helping the environment, such as the Sierra Club, the
Audubon Society, the Wilderness Society or some other such organization.


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