Hybrid Vehicles

100 MPG Toyota Prius Plug-In - You Tube

123 MPG in Prius Plug-in Hybrid Electric - You Tube

1300 + Miles on a Single Tank of Gas - You Tube

150 MPG Chevy Volt in Chicago - You Tube

171 MPG in Prius Plug-in Hybrid Electric - You Tube

A Student's Guide to Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center

Automotive Engineers Team Up to Improve Energy-Saving Technology

Automotive Engineers Team Up to Improve Energy-Saving Technology - Video

California Cars Initiative for Plug-In Hybrids

Chevy Hybrid Vehicles

Electric Vehicles - The Next Generation

GM Volt - Image

History of Hybrid Vehicles

Honda Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Honda Plans to Sell 100,000 New Hybrid Hatchbacks

How Hybrid Cars Work

How Hybrids Work

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars, New Car Models - AOL Autos

Hybrid Center

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Hybrid Vehicle Factsheet

Hybrid Vehicles and Cars - Alternative Fuel

Hybrids for Hire - More Cars Mean More Options

Implementing Agreement on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Mercury 2009 Mariner Hybrid

Mercury Mariner Hybrid - Image

Mercury Mariner SUV Hybrid Technology 2009

New Hybrid Vehicles

Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Consortium-PHEV Development

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles - You Tube

Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

Plug-in Hybrids - You Tube

Plug-In Hybrids

Plugging in the Feds - The New Hybrids Plug-in Hybrids - Image

Potential Impacts of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles on Regional Power Generation - 2008

Saturn 2009 VUE, VUE 2 Mode and AURA Green Line Hybrid

Solar Powered Toyota Prius - You Tube

Supercharging Hybrid Batteries

SymPowerco Plans Hybrid Electric Vehicle Prototype

The Hottest Hybrid Vehicles for 2008

The Return of the Fin and Other Harley Early Fantasies - Image

Toyota - Hybrid Vehicles

Toyota's Prius Plug-In Hybrid - Image

UC Davis Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Research Center California's Cooperative PHEV Research Center

Will A Hybrid Car Really Pay Off? - GreenCar


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