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NEW: Books on PHEVs
Boschert Plug-in book coverRead about and order books on PHEVs. There's one entire book and sections of a dozen others on the technology and the successful campaign.

Plugin Hybrids Use Cleaner, Cheaper, Domestic Energy

CalCars is a non-profit startup formed by entrepreneurs, engineers, environmentalists and consumers. Our projects tackle energy security, jobs and global warming -- at the same time.

Gas sign shows plug-in hybrids cost under $1/gallonWe promote plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). PHEVs are like regular hybrids but with larger batteries and the ability to re-charge from a standard outlet. They're the best of both worlds: local travel is electric, and you always have a gas-tank backup. They need no new fuel infrastructure.

We built the world's first plug-in Prius. We partner in a broad campaign to show what can be done now with existing technology. Our goal: get carmakers to build PHEVs.

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