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Welcome to CNGVC Online

California is the nation's leading user of natural gas vehicles (NGVs), and the California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition (CNGVC) is devoted to ensuring that the state continues to set the pace in adopting this ready-for-prime-time clean-burning transportation technology. Our success will benefit not only our member companies, but all California residents--NGVs emit far less air pollution than gasoline or diesel vehicles (up to 95 percent less, depending on the pollutant), and natural gas is abundant and relatively cheap in North America, making it a secure energy source.

CNGVC Online reflects this broad constituency. Individuals, businesses, and public entities can find out more about NGV advantages, technology, products, and training programs in the NGV Info Center. If you're already sold on NGVs, our Fuel Station Locater will let you find and map fill-up stops. And if you're a CNGVC member, CNGVC Online helps you keep in touch with colleagues, stay abreast of the latest news and learn about legislative and regulatory actions.

Get Your Fueling Station Directory

The 2007/2008 edition of our popular natural gas fueling station directory is available in its traditional glove-compartment-size book form. To download a pdf file of the directory click, click below on the appropriate link. To get a directory in the mail, email mailto:meaves@cngvc.orgwith your name and mailing address.

Entire 2007 Station Directory

Northern California Station Directory

Central California Station Directory

Southern California Station Directory