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Clean Air Power has announced that on 2nd January 2009 it signed a Letter of Intent with Volvo Powertrain to incorporate Clean Air Power's Dual-Fuel™ technology into Volvo Truck engines.

Clean Air Power's dual fuel technology on Volvo truck engines

Incorporating Clean Air Power’s Dual-Fuel™ technology into these trucks will deliver significant greenhouse gas emissions reductions and fuel cost savings, compared with standard diesel engines. Additionally, these Dual-Fuel™ trucks are expected to be around 20% more efficient than equivalent spark ignited natural gas engines.

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John Pettitt, CEO, commented: "This agreement represents a major step forward in the commercialisation of Clean Air Power’s Dual-Fuel™ technology.  We see this as a very significant milestone which has now been successfully achieved."


To see how Clean Air Power's Dual-Fuel™ technology works, watch our online video link above

Clean Air Power's flagship technology is it's patented Dual-Fuel™ system, which enables heavy duty diesel engines to operate primarily on natural gas with diesel fuel acting as a "liquid spark plug". By burning up to 90% natural gas, customers benefit from a combination of low emissions and high efficiency.

With the increasing cost of diesel fuel, stringent emissions regulation and the need for a cleaner, quieter environment, Clean Air Power receives..... Read More>

Is there Dual-Fuel™ operating in Australia?

How much has Clean Air Power saved?

Clean Air Power's Dual-Fuel™ technology has been installed on around 1,600 vehicles around the world. Some of these vehicles have been operating for over six years and between them, have completed more than 500,000,000 kilometres. We estimate the 1,600 trucks have saved approximately 50,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

How much can your company save?

Click here to calculate how much you can save in diesel fuel costs, along with a reduction in carbon (CO2) emissions that Clean Air Power's Genesis Dual-Fuel™ product could bring to your operation.

natural gas injector

Clean Air Power manufacturers a number of natural gas engine components used in the Company's Dual-Fuel Technology.

The Company also sells these components for spark ignited gas engines, hydraulic transmission gearboxes and certain other applications. Global demand for these engines are increasing as part of the overall shift towards alternative fuels. With sales mainly in Europe and the USA, strong margins and a customer base including international OEMs, this is an important part of the overall Clean Air Power business. Read More >

Emissions Reductions

The emissions reduction area of our business provides solutions to very large stationary diesel engines, such as those used in pumping stations.

Our current emission reduction market is mainly in the US and we provide a service reducing emissions from large stationary diesel and marine engines, Power peaker plants and natural gas compression engines, usually in response to the requirements of local legislation.
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