Natural Gas Vehicles
How to Convert a Vehicle to Natural Gas


Convert a vehicle to natural gas to save on gas costs and do you part to help
the environment. Natural gas burns cleaner, which means less harmful emissions.
Most natural gas vehicles use compressed natural gas (CNG), which can be
refueled at home or at special filling stations, but cars can also be converted
to use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or propane.


Analyze your car to decide whether it really is worth converting to
alternative fuel. You can expect the cost of converting a single gasoline car to
natural gas to be high. Because you're shelling out so much money, you want the
car to last a decent length of time. You may actually save money by purchasing a
new car that already runs on natural gas.


Consult a gas conversion specialist to convert your existing vehicle to
natural gas. He should be able to tell you whether your car can be converted
properly and will perform the work. You will also be given a cost estimate at
that point.


Determine whether your car can handle the added weight of the CNG
canisters. The entire conversion can add 200 to 500 lbs., depending on the size
and number of tanks.


Follow all EPA standards when converting your car. Make sure your model of
vehicle has been approved for conversion with a certificate of conformity.
Step5Install a dual fuel system if you want to convert your car without any
major modifications. This allows the car to run on diesel if needed with just a
flip of the switch on the dashboard.

Step6Consider where and how you will refuel your car. You should invest in a
home refueling device for convenience, which may require special permits to
install. Otherwise, find a nearby station that caters to the public.


Buy a conversion kit. The kit includes everything you need to turn a diesel
engine into a natural gas vehicle. CNG and LPG kits are not readily available in
every area, so you may need to work with a mechanic.


Keep your eye on the future. Natural gas vehicles and stations are paving
the way for hydrogen technology. You may want to convert your car so that it
runs on both CNG and hydrogen or a combination of the two.


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