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Natural gas is the most environmentally acceptable and economic alternative fuel for Americas cars, trucks, and buses. Today, over 85,000 natural gas vehicles (NGVs) in the United States are already operating safely, cleanly, efficiently, and economically. Intermountain Gas Company operates 115 natural gas-fueled sedans, pickups, and service vans, placing our fleet in the top 15% of all utilities in North America in terms of percentage of company vehicles powered by natural gas.

Natural gas has a number of advantages over other transportation fuels: it burns more cleanly; it costs less; it has a proven safety record; and it is an abundant and secure energy source, with about 99% of the U.S. supply coming from North America. Engines last longer, and maintenance intervals can be extended. The use of natural gas is especially ideal for the nations 13 million fleet vehicles, many of which can return to the same location each night for refueling.

Most of the NGVs used in the U.S. are used as fleet vehicles. For example, an increasing number of transit agencies are replacing diesel buses with natural gas transit buses. The first public transit system to replace its entire fleet with NGVs was Californias SunLine Transit Agency, whose 40 buses service the Palm Springs/Coachella Valley area southeast of Los Angeles.

Our own Boise, Idaho began converting its Boise Urban Stages, now Valley Ride, fleet to natural gas power in 1993. Today, Valley Ride has over 35 natural gas coaches, making up the majority of the fleet. Intermountain Gas Company was instrumental in helping Valley Ride with developing the fueling facility for its ever-growing natural gas bus fleet.

The U.S. Postal Service operates the nations largest fleet of natural gas vehicles, with more than 7,000. United Parcel Service operates the largest private fleet of NGVs, with almost 700 package delivery vans fueled with natural gas. Utilities, airport shuttle services, taxi companies, and police departments also operate large fleets of natural gas vehicles.

All Intermountain Gas Company customers interested using compressed natural gas to fuel private or business vehicles must purchase and install their own fueling equipment.

Want to learn more about Natural Gas Vehicles? Visit the Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition website at:


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