Summary of Key Vehicle Provisions in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (Pub. L. No.

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Summary of Legislative Proposals to Advance the Market Penetration of Natural Gas Vehicles

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Fact Sheet: Why Ethanol and Biodiesel Alone Can Not Achieve 35 Billion Gallons of Petroleum Displacement by 2017

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FactSheet: Potential Contribution of NGVs to Displacing 35 Billion Gallons of Non-Petroleum Fuels by 2017

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Fact Sheet: Sequestering Greenhouse Gases from Landfills, Animal Waste, Sewage, and Other Sources Via Biomethane Production

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NGVAmerica is the new name of the Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition.

Upcoming NGV-related conferences and exhibitions

Bangladesh November 23; Dhaka; ANGVA CNG Cylinder Safety Workshop
Bangladesh November 22-24; Dhaka; 1st International CNG Exhibition 2008
Malaysia November 27; Kuala Lumpur; ANGVA CNG Cylinder Safety Workshop
Iran December; Tehran; Second Iranian CNG Conference
Czech Republic January 28-29; Prague; 2nd International NGV Conference, Prospects for the development and use of CNG in Transport
Pakistan March 13, 14, 15; Karachi; Fuelling Pakistan, CNG, LPG and Alternative Energy
India March 24-26; New Delhi; NGV India 2009, South Asia's Natural Gas for Vehicles Conference and Exhibition
United States April 19-22, Orlando, Florida; Alternative Fuels & Vehicles National Conference + Expo 2009
Spain June 17-19; Madrid; GNV2009 Madrid, NGVA Europe Conference and Exhibition
Colombia June 17-19; Bogotá; Expo GNV Colombia 2009
3er Congreso y Exposición Internacional
South Korea October 27-29; Donghae; ANGVA 2009, Conference and Exhibition
Italy June 8-10; Rome; NGV 2010, IANGV Biennial Conference and Exhibition

Click here for presentations made at previous U.S. NGV conferences.

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