Tom MoskitisThe 2009 New American Home at the International Builders show

January 21, 2009 by Tom Moskitis ·
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The 2009 New American Home, the official showcase home of the International Builders Show, features innovative design and cutting edge natural gas technology, providing home builders with an outstanding example for producing more energy efficient homes without sacrificing style. The 8816 square foot contemporary home is a near net zero energy home that includes active (photovoltaic cells) and passive (orientation and shading) solar design and a revolutionary natural gas heating and cooling system. It also features tankless gas water heaters and numerous indoor and outdoor gas appliances. The AISIN gas heat pump is the most efficient HVAC system on the planet. Energy savings on the cooling side are estimated to be 75%, with heating savings estimated to be 67%. The house achieves 76% whole house energy savings when compared to the Building America benchmark and achieves a Five Star-Plus HERS rating of 57. This is before factoring in the installation of a 12,000+ khz solar panel system striving for a net-zero level of electrical consumption. The 2009 New American Home is proof positive that the direct use of natural gas is a winning solution to our energy efficiency and environmental challenges. Here are some pictures we took during our tour.





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