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Latest NGSA News (November 21, 2008)

Natural Gas from Shale Could Double in Next Ten Years - But industry executives warn that high taxes, restricted land access and economic conditions could negatively impact output

Natural Gas May Be Biggest Winner of Election Night. Industry Congratulates President-elect Obama - But notes challenges ahead

Presidential Debate Comment on "Use it or Lose it" Earns Correction from Natural Gas Industry

Natural Gas Production Gains Should Lead to Market Stability this Winter, NGSA Says

Far-Offshore Drilling Legislation Earns Praise Will Benefit Taxpayers, U.S. Economy, Natural Gas Spokeperson says

Liquified Natural Gas Important Part of Nation's Energy Supply

Natural Gas Supply Association Warns that America Will Still Need More Natural Gas

Natural Gas Supply Association Reacts to the President's Announcement on Offshore Drilling

Watch NGSA CEO and President Skip Horvath Respond to Presidentís Plan for Increased Drilling Via the Fox News Channel

Deep Sea Drilling Amendment Will Be Good for
Economy and Environment, Trade Group Says


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