Ocean Power

Advanced Hybrid (Wave & Wind) Renewable Energy Technology System

An Ocean of Renewable Energy

Aquabuoy Schematic. – Image

Aquamarine Power

Arizona Mulls New Water Source - Ocean

AWS - Ocean Energy

BioPower Systems

Blue Energy - Renewable Energy Ethical Investment

Bulge Wave Anaconda - Checkmate Sea Energy - PESWiki

C-Wave - Wave Energy

CETO - SeaPowerPlan Invention - You Tube

CETO - Wave Energy

Clean Energy from Flowing Waters

DEXA - Wave Energy

Energy From Slow-Moving Rivers and Ocean Currents Could Power the Entire World

Energy Island - You Tube

Energy Island. – Image

Energy Ocean 2008

Engineering and Economic Assessment of Energy Consumption and Renewable Energy Production - Vashon-Maury Island

European Marine Energy Centre

European Ocean Energy Association

European OWC Wave Power Plant - You Tube

Finavera - Wave Energy

Giant Sea Snake - Renewable Electricity Generation - You Tube

Grays Harbor Ocean Energy Project

Green Ocean Energy - Ocean Treader

Gyro Wave Gen(tm) - PESWiki

Harnessing the Power of Ocean Waves - You Tube

Harnessing the Power of the Waves - You Tube

International Conference on Ocean Energy - 2008

Ken-ichi Horie Attempts To ‘Wave Power’ His Way In To History - Ecofriend

Lewis Says No to Wind, but What about Waves -

Lockheed Martin Plans Hawaii Ocean Energy Plant

Making Waves to Generate Cash - BBC

Marine Current Turbines - Turning the Tides

MCT Completes Installation of 'Ground-breaking' Tidal Generator

Neo-AeroDynamic - PESWiki

Neptune — AquaMarine Power

npower – UK Home energy

Ocean - Wave Power. – Image

Ocean Current Energy

Ocean Currents

Ocean Energy Bionics

Ocean Energy Council - Wave Energy Sources

Ocean Energy Facts

Ocean Energy Launch - Part - 1 - You Tube

Ocean Energy Launch - Part - 2 - You Tube

Ocean Energy Review 2008 - Video

Ocean Energy Review 2008

Ocean Energy Web Page

Ocean Energy

Ocean Energy

Ocean Engineering and Energy Systems

Ocean Navitas - Wave Energy Converter Technology

Ocean Power Technologies - Making Waves in Power

Ocean Renewable Energy Group

Ocean Surface Currents

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion - US Department of Energy

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion - Wikipedia

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion System - You Tube

Ocean Tidal Power - US Department of Energy

Ocean Wave and Wind Energy

Ocean Wave Energy - 2006

Ocean Wave Energy - Directory - PESWiki

Ocean Wave Energy - PESWiki

Ocean Wave Energy Development - Oregon

Ocean Wave Energy

Ocean Wave Energy

Ocean Wave Park. – Image

Ocean Wave Power - US Department of Energy

Ocean Wave Power System - You Tube

Ocean WaveMaster Limited - Power from the Open Ocean

Oceanlinx - Wave Energy Conversion

Oceanlinx. – Image

Oceans of Energy Map

OPT - Ocean Power Technologies

Orcelle - Sustainability Powered Ship. – Image

Orecon - Making Wave Energy Work

Oscillating Water Column - PESWiki

Oyster Wave Power — AquaMarine Power

Pacific Ocean Wave Energy Research

Pelamis Offshore Wave Energy in Portugal

Pelamis Wave Energy Converter. – Image


Pentland Firth in Scotland to be Developed as Tidal Farm

Power and Energy from the Ocean Waves and Tides - A Primer - 2007

Power Generation - the New Wave - You Tube

Renewable Energy From the Deep Ocean - You Tube

Renewable Ocean Energy - Tides, Currents, and Waves

Scotland Waves Hello to Clean Energy

Seagen Tidal Turbine. – Image

SeaGen · Sea Generation Tidal Turbine

Solar Islands - You Tube

Subsea Survey 2008

SyncWave Systems

Tapping The Source - The Power Of The Oceans

Tidal and Ocean Current Power. – Image

The Coming Wave

The Wave Power Group - The University of Edinburgh

The World’s First Wave Farm Goes Live in Portugal

Tidal Energy - 2003

Tidal Power - How It Works - You Tube

Tidal Power - Tapping Energy from the Ocean - NPR - Audio

Tidal Power - Wikipedia

Tidal Stream. – Image

Tidal Turbine Plugs In

Tidal Turbine. – Image

Tidal Turbines - You Tube

Tide Predictions Map

Tides and Tidal Currents

Twenty Percent Renewable Energy by 2020 - You Tube

Unveiled - The Clean Queen Of The Sea

Verdant Power

Wallace Energy Systems & Renewables Facility

Wave Buoys - PESWiki

Wave Energy - Harvesting the Power of the Ocean

Wave Energy - History Channel - You Tube

Wave Energy Research and Development - JAMSTEC

Wave Energy Technology - European Ocean Energy Association

Wave Energy Wave Power Clean Renewable Electricity Generation - Wavegen

Wave Power - Energy from Ocean Surface Waves

Wave Power - How It Works

Wave Power - Wikipedia

Wave Power in Scotland

Wave Power Station - BBC

Wave Power to Go Commercial in California

Wave Star Energy

Wave-Powered Ocean Energy Technology - You Tube


Wavegen - Wave Energy

Wind Waves and Sun

WINDS - Measuring Ocean Winds from Space - NASAe

Woodshed Technologies

World's First 'Commercial Scale' Tidal Generator Planned for March


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