Aquamarine Power

Green energy out of the blue

Clean reliable energy that doesn’t cost the Earth

Delivering marine energy to help tackle climate change and global fresh water shortages.

Latest news & recruitment

  1. August 2008 Recruitment: Senior Marine Survey & Resource Analyst
  2. July 2008 Recruitment: Engineering Opportunities
  3. July 2008 Haag appointed new COO at Aquamarine Power

Wave & Tidal Power

Aquamarine is a multi-technology company specialising in technical solutions to deliver renewable marine energy from ocean waves and tides. Read more

Fresh Water

One in five people does not have access to fresh water. Aquamarine is developing its Oyster® technology to supply fresh water without using fossil fuels. Read more

Marine Energy Projects

Our goal is to deliver commercial marine energy projects generating clean energy and fresh water from local renewable resources across the world. Read more