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Blue Energy International

Welcome to the website for Blue Energy International. Blue Energy is commercializing the Davis Hydro Turbine, capable of converting tidal currents into firm, renewable electricity.

Global climate change, peak oil and soaring energy prices have made it imperative to find viable, large-scale renewable energy generation technologies to meet rising energy demands and offset greenhouse gases. With its scalable and proven advanced aerospace technology, Blue Energy is a solution the world has been seeking.

Join with us in advancing our remarkable non-polluting technology, endorsed by R.W. Beck Engineering, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Canadian National Research Council and others.

"The ocean energy area about which Im highly enthusiastic is where offshore oil and gas was about 50 years ago." - Matthew Simmons; Chairman, Simmons & Co., the world's largest energy investment banking company; founder, Ocean Energy Institute, Rockford, Maine (interview 2008)

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Renewable Energy and Ethical Investment.
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