Latest News:  Tony Blair looks at C-Wave as part of 'Our Nations Future'

Delivery of Low Cost Wave Energy

C-Wave Limited is a renewable power company and the developer of an innovative wave energy technology. C-Wave offshore power systems can provide genuinely green electricity at a cost that is competitive with traditional generating technologies and established renewable energy providers such as wind power.

C-Wave's offshore power systems efficiently extract energy from normal waves and dissipate the forces of storm waves. The result is compact, cost effective and emission-free energy generation which will survive the worst battering of ocean waves.

Wave power is a vital part of plans for carbon emission reduction and reduced reliance on imported fuel for any region with an ocean coastline. Wave energy farms are one of the main ways in which we can achieve large-scale renewable electricity production, and C-Wave's mission is to ensure that we can all access reliable energy without putting our future environment and security at risk.

C-Wave plan to install a first grid connected multi-megawatt system in 2009, and then go on to develop floating wave farms in deepwater between five and twenty kilometres offshore, where they will have minimal impact on the environment and the lives of people living on the neigbouring coast.