“I went on, climbed the heights above the village, and looked abroad over the Atlantic. What a waste of aimless tossing to and fro! Gray mist above, full of falling rain; gray, wrathful waters underneath, foaming and bursting as billow broke upon billow. The tide was ebbing now, but almost every other wave swept the breakwater. They burst on the rocks at the end of it, and rushed in shattered spouts and clouds of spray far into the air over their heads. "Will the time ever come," I thought, when man shall be able to store up even this force for his own ends? Who can tell?"

George MacDonald (1868)

Who are we - what we do

Green Ocean Energy Ltd is an Aberdeen based renewable energy company who are actively pursuing what George MacDonald (see passage on left) had dreamt of 140 years ago. We are developing an exciting machine called Ocean Treader to harness the energy of the Earth’s oceans by converting it into electricity, thereby providing a clean and sustainable source of energy.

Ocean Treader is a floating device designed to be moored 1 – 2 miles offshore in ocean wave systems, and as such will be largely unobtrusive from the shoreline. The theory behind the machine has been proven in wave tank testing and we are now developing a full size machine for offshore testing.

Due to our background in the offshore oil and gas industry we are well aware of the challenges in deploying such a machine and therefore from the outset Ocean Treader has been designed to satisfy the triplicate requirements of:

Efficiency : Reliability : Survivability

This is an exciting project and we are looking forward to deploying Ocean Treaders to reap the energy harvest contained in the World’s oceans.