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Neptune Tidal Stream Device

The Neptune technology offers a reliable and cost-effective source of power. Its origins lie in a joint venture combining the strengths of the UK’s largest renewable generator, Scottish and Southern Energy, and a major Scottish-based engineering firm. Aquamarine Power brought the Neptune system into its portfolio in October 2007, and is now continuing to develop this device, which has a number of key advantages.

1. Commerical scale
2. Optimum energy capture
3. High levels of reliability
4. Economies of scale
5. Efficient installation and maintenance requirements

At 2.4MW, Neptune is one of the most powerful tidal stream devices under development, and is designed to be competitive with other sources of electricity generation in the UK market. Using largely proven technology, the device comprises two horizontal axis tidal turbines, which will be mounted on a single monopile for the commercial demonstrator. The device features bi-directional (flood and ebb) generation, with its design heavily influenced by the use of proven components from the wind turbine industry.

Once installed, Neptune is designed to use only relatively small workboats for maintenance. Aquamarine continues to work with the experienced marine contractor, Weir Strachan & Henshaw, and other key partners to deliver the Neptune device.

Neptune sources energy from the flood and ebb of the tides, converting tidal energy into electrical power to supply to the grid.