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Pacific Magazine. Recent publication detailing howOCEES is leading the Global Energy Transition
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OCEES VIDEO. Completion of OCEES video. Information about how OCEES is changing the way the world will meet increasing energy demands..


For Nearly a Quarter Century, OCEES International, Inc. and its corporate partners have been actively involved in, and recognized as the world’s leaders in, all aspects, from theoretical to technical to design and operations, of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) technologies. Through extensive research and development experience and commercialization alliances, OCEES International, Inc. can provide environmentally and economically sound energy and resource solutions to tropical island communities across the globe. OCEES’ proven integrated energy and systems approach can provide considerable savings for the producer and consumer while establishing energy and resource independence for the communities it serves. This approach provides a buffer against the long term uncertainties of a rapidly changing energy market by operating predominantly independent of fossil fuels, thereby establishing clearly predictable operating costs and eliminating nearly all adverse environmental impact; all while providing an excellent and competitive return on investment.

View trends and Shifts . See first hand the advantages of using OCEES principles in re-newable energy to meet the demand of Global energy , fresh water, and many other solutions to many of the worlds problems.

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Download and View Literature Online. Get the information you need about Ocean Engineering and Energy Sytems International, Inc. , and the Technologies it deploys to build and service the energy of tommorow.

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