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Ocean WaveMaster Limited (OWL) was formed in March 2002 to research, develop and commercialise the WaveMaster wave-power system.  WaveMaster is the brain child of Alex Southcombe.  OWL is a partnership between the inventor and UMITEK , the technology development company of UMIST (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology).
WaveMaster is unique amongst wave power capture concepts in exploiting the differential pressures under wave peaks and troughs to drive submerged turbines.  It is designed to capture the almost unlimited power generation potential of large open ocean waves.
Ocean WaveMaster Limited, CAPCIS House, 1 Echo Street, Manchester, M1 2DP
Tel: 0161 933 4000   Fax: 0161 933 4001   e-mail:  mailto:enquiries@oceanwavemaster.com