Verdant Power helps build sustainable communities around the world

A renewable energy company, Verdant Power seeks to generate mechanical and electrical power in a cost-effective manner, causing minimal or no ecological impact, and with consideration for social equity.

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RITE Project - New York, NY:

World’s first kinetic hydropower provided to end-use customers! More


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Ontario Government Announces $2.2 Million in Support for the CORE Project.
Ontario is investing $2.2 million in the project under the Ministry of Research and Innovation's "Innovation Demonstration Fund," which supports promising bio-based, environmental and alternative energy technologies. More


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CBC News, "Marine Power: Underwater Windmills to be Powered by St. Lawrence River," by Mary Ann Colihan; April 18, 2008

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The RITE Project:

Verdant Power’s world-first initiative in New York City’s East River

What is Kinetic Hydropower?

Kinetic hydropower is dam-less hydropower that is converted from energy found in the flowing water currents…

Water Resource Assessment
Could your local waters provide kinetic hydropower?